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7 December 2022

Chattermill, which uses AI to extract insights from customer experience data, raises $26M

Chattermill, a platform that helps companies unlock insights by analyzing customer feedback data from across myriad digital channels, has raised $26 million in a Series B round of funding.

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23 November 2022

2be.lu is in 1st issue of Silicone Luxembourg VC Guide

Silicone Luxembourg in partnership with Luxembourg Private Equity and Venture Capita/ Association (LPEA) has just launched their VC Guide and included 2be.lu Investments Fund in their list.

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24 August 2022

Chattermill makes gains in G2’s Enterprise Feedback Management category, maintains position as leader in Text Analytics

Chattermill has been named as Leaders in G2’s Text Analytics category, and High Performers in the Feedback Analytics category.

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24 June 2022

Tokenized Commodities Are the Safety Net Crypto Investors Always Needed

Alexander Tkachenko, Founder and CEO of 2be.lu portfolio company – VNX cryptoexchange, discusses necessity and benefits of tokenization in article for Nasdaq.

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23 May 2022

VNX’s 2nd Luxembourg – South Korean Digital Asset Summit brings leading international experts to Luxembourg

VNX hosted its second Luxembourg – South Korea Digital Asset Summit in Luxembourg as a part of the Finverse Forum on May 18. The event brought together the most renowned experts from both countries to discuss the hottest news, fresh trends and use cases in the digital assets market.

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7 April 2022

2be.lu investee, Lendela admitted by Beststartup.asia

Beststartup.asia, the Asia startup magazine picked Lendela amongst best SEA lending companies

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22 March 2022

VNX launches as the first European regulated precious metals tokenization platform

VNX launches platform with Ethereum-based tokens representing direct ownership of certified gold held in a Liechtenstein-based secured vault

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18 February 2022

Streami-GOPAX is now an accredited crypto exchange

Luxembourg based VC fund 2be.lu Investments’ portfolio company makes regulatory breakthrough and becomes 5th South Korean accredited crypto exchange

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15 February 2022

Sensorflow wins the National Energy Globe Award Thailand

SensorFlow was announced as the national winner of the Energy Globe Award in Thailand

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3 November 2021

Chattermill gets in “Top10 places to work” by Tempo

Chattermill, 2be.lu porftolio company is 8th in Tempo’s “Top 50 Start-ups to work for in 2022” list.

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