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Chattermill makes gains in G2’s Enterprise Feedback Management category, maintains position as leader in Text Analytics

Chattermill makes gains in G2’s Enterprise Feedback Management category, maintains position as leader in Text Analytics

G2’s reports for Summer 2022 have been announced, and we’re excited to share that Chattermill has been named as Leaders in G2’s Text Analytics category, and High Performers in the Feedback Analytics category. Elsewhere, we’ve made important progress in the Enterprise Feedback Management subset, too.

Once again, G2’s reports are a welcome recognition of delivering to our customers consistent improvements that works towards our vision of true Unified Customer Intelligence.

Beyond the colourful badges, there’s a lot to talk about here. Let’s break it down.

Leader In Text Analytics Software

Maintaining our position from the last round of G2 reports, Chattermill are ahead of the competition in G2’s latest Text Analytics Grid Report.

This reflects not only our high satisfaction levels among users, but also our substantial market presence in the text analytics space.

Importantly, we’re also the #1 ranked company in G2’s Momentum Grid Report for the same category – meaning we’re not only top of the field in general, but are also progressing at a leading rate.

These successes reflect Chattermill’s game-changing text analytics capabilities. Using groundbreaking theme and sentiment AI, our software helps businesses understand how customers feel about their products, operations, and overall customer experience, stay on top of emerging trends, and learn what keeps customers coming back for more.


High Performer In Feedback Analytics Software

Our high user performance extends to the Feedback Analytics category too – where we’ve been named a ‘High Performer’ among our competitors.

In fact, based off of satisfaction alone, we’re ranked 6 out of a total 19 competing companies – climbing 2 places from G2’s last report.

This makes clear that Chattermill’s Unified Customer Intelligence is a winning formula. Combining multiple sources of feedback into one unified whole, our software allows you to effectively understand the customer reality, based on what customers actually desire, and deliver improvements that actively delight your customers.


Progress In The Enterprise Feedback Management Category

Climbing 7 places from the last report, Chattermill have been named as High Performers in the Europe Regional Grid for Enterprise Feedback Management Category.

Momentous gains like these keep coming – in two other reports, the Momentum Grid and wider Grid report for Enterprise Feedback management, we’ve risen 6 and 5 places respectively.

The steady progress highlighted here is a clear sign that Chattermill is more than Enterprise ready. Our Unified Customer Intelligence system is scalable for the modern Enterprise-level business – allowing enormous amounts of customer feedback to be processed, analysed, and simplified into understandable, actionable customer intelligence.


That’s why brands like Amazon, Uber, Spotify, and more use Chattermill every day to deliver customer-centric experiences.


For original article please refer to Chattermill website.

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