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From Sweden To Luxembourg: SWIFTR Has Arrived

From Sweden To Luxembourg: SWIFTR Has Arrived

What is SWIFTR all about?

SWIFTR is a digital fitness membership platform that provides freedom of choice for training services in well-chosen gym and exercise facilities. For example, you can attend a yoga class or a workout session at one of our partner studios whenever you would like to without having to be a member of all of these individually.

Through our SWIFTR app, you get access to numerous gyms, boutique training facilities, and yoga studios – all with just one membership.

Our platform solution enables people to work out not just at one particular provider’s facilities but to do different courses and sports depending on their interests and personal fitness goals. Like this, you can choose between hundreds of classes every week, search and find amazing training options near you, and experience the high-end quality of niche studios and gyms without paying for multiple memberships.

It is a two-sided positive effect as we also bring more visibility and new customers to studios that are mainly independent ones with one location while providing customers more freedom of choice and convenience.

What is your startup’s background story?

The company was founded in Stockholm by Fanny Sjöström and Johanna Sjögren in 2016. With only a small team, the two founders have grown SWIFTR to offering more than 300 training facilities for its clients in Sweden since then. SWIFTR is a true female-led startup that also has a majority of women in the team.

The company is backed by reputable investors in Sweden and Luxembourg, for example, Bonnier News, a major media publishing group in Sweden, and VC firm 2be.lu in Luxembourg.

Why is Luxembourg the first international market for SWIFTR’s expansion?

I moved to Luxembourg one-and-a-half years ago with the ambition to embark on my own entrepreneurial journey. I figured that the ecosystem here and the market would be interesting to build a venture.

When conducting market research and validating different ideas, I came across SWIFTR who already had a solution for the problem I saw in the market: Many of us want variety in training forms, however, it is complex and expensive to have several memberships.

Hence, a solution with just one membership is ideal. This led me to contact the founders in Sweden with the inquiry to help them expand to the Grand Duchy. We quickly agreed that the local market would be the optimal first step into Western Europe as the customer need is existing here. Now, we are the first-mover in Luxembourg for this solution.

What are you planning for 2020?

Primarily, we want to help promote a healthy lifestyle in Luxembourg by democratizing access to gyms and boutique studios, giving people more freedom of choice. This year, we want to focus on improving the customer experience and growing the overall number of offered studios and users.

For anyone interested, there is the possibility to try the membership for free before deciding for one of our subscription models. We also offer a discount for new members in Luxembourg as part of the launch.

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