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Companies that enable resource sharing


Online services that help market participants find and transact with each other


Companies using artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies

We met Alexander and 2be.lu very early on in our history and they bought into our vision early and fully. Since then we've really enjoyed the open communication and productive working relationship. We've always been able to lean on the team to get advice and support.

Mikhail Dubov

CEO & Founder of Chattermill

2be.lu has been engaged and helpful from the moment of first investment, to future round follow ons. They are a valued partner.

Jon Smith

Founder & CEO, Pobble

With 2be.lu’s help we’ve been able to 4x our business in 2 years. They really understand that it takes time to build businesses and scale big. Knowing that they’ll provide long term support makes us feel confident to keep growing. 

Marc Trup

CEO & Co-Founder, Arthur Online

2be.lu and Alexander have been a fantastic early stage investor who have added value beyond money, we are amazed by the experience and thoroughness in their  work

Sai Ranganathan

CEO & Founder, Senslorflow

2be.lu's constant support, while simultaneously challenging me when needed, has been key for me as a founder as I have been growing Lendela. I have also appreciated how they have been able to follow-on with each round, forging our partnership even closer over time.

Nima Karimi

Lendela, CEO & Founder

We recognise 2be.lu fund as an expert in the early-stage investment community and they are one of our first go-to partners when we are looking to syndicate investment opportunities.

Simon Blakey

Founder of Avonmore Developments Ltd

Professional and active, providing tangible advice and support in execution.

Egor Egerev

Founder of Tickets Cloud

2be.lu has opened doors for us that have enabled us to evolve and grow our business to new heights.

Alfredo Molinas

CEO, FoodRazor

2be.lu is a team of professionals. They helped us a lot during the initial phase of our project. They gladly shared their experience and saved us from making mistakes

Pavel Pantyukhov

CEO & Co-Founder, Grebble